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On hold equipment

EarGlue On-Hold message marketing utilizes three different methods of remote download. The RUF and Net 7000 units are provided as a part of EarGlue’s contractual service to its customers.



RUF Digital Voice Receiver:

The RUF unit continuously plays stored message through the 8 ohm or the 600 ohm output that is connected to the Music On-Hold port of the customer’s telephone system. The playing time of the unit is 4 to 6 minutes. Non-volatile flash memory is used to store the audio production and all set-up information (power can be lost indefinitely without loss of program). The output volume control is digital. Volume can be changed locally or remotely over the phone. Audio productions may be recorded locally or remotely. A five digit security code is required to interface with RUF remotely, providing additional security. The RUF has a built-in fax switch. The fax switch allows the RUF to share a fax line so the unit may be downloaded any time, day or night. Remote download is accomplished via the use of an analog telephone line.





Net 7000:

The Net 7000 player is a device that stores and continuously plays mp3 audio files. The device receives audio and configurations updated over the internet or intranet. Connection to a local area network is made by a standard Ethernet interface on the unit.
The Net 7000 player stores audio in any of the standard mp3 audio formats. Playing time is 7 to 14 minutes, depending on the mp3 encoding scheme that is used. The Net 7000 continuously plays the near CD quality audio to a pair of RCA jacks. An 8 ohm and 6000 ohm output are available from the amplifier for standard hook-up to the telephone system’s Music On-Hold port.
Content is remotely downloaded from a secure web-based audio distribution application provided by EarGlue. Access to the Content Management System is secured by a user name and password. Audio mp3 files are uploaded to the site by EarGlue and assigned to the customer’s assigned Net 7000 unit.


Emailing of Files:

VOIP telephone systems will frequently utilize the download of files for on-hold use. EarGlue will create and produce the on-hold messages mixed with music background and email the files to the customer in the format required by the VOIP system.

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EarGlue enhances your marketing efforts by providing your customers with a customized on-hold and in-store experience with informative, entertaining, and attentive productions. EarGlue’s customized productions reaffirm your marketing message at the point of purchase, an invaluable tool in customer interaction and retention. EarGlue – the Right Choice, the Right Experience.