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On Hold Advertising & Marketing Services Company EarGlue Releases New Website

June 23rd 2011

Earglue revamps website to include retail music library, on hold scripts, on hold messages mp3’s and more powered all by SEO Samba's web marketing software.
On hold marketing has been around for a while, but Earglue, a Tennessee based professional music on hold messaging services company offering overhead messaging, in store marketing, on hold equipment and in store music, comes up with a different angle to freshen up and shake up that too often lowly regarded on hold messaging and overhead messaging business. No more obsolete tapes, no more cumbersome CDs, Earglue provides a totally hands-free and real time delivery. From Earglue studio, to the Earglue receiver at your location syncing with your On-Hold port in your existing telephone system. On the other side of the spectrum, Earglue also produces and delivers messages straight to customer's in-store music and on-hold marketing systems.

Jonh Waite, managing director at Earglue, declared "times are changing. Our trade and related services are evolving all the time, so does the Internet technology and possible Web leads expectations. Our website had served us well but needed to evolve and take notice of the latest social media online chatting trends, as well as to reflect the new services we were to offer. We could not keep our aging website on hold for too long."

Mr Waite continues. "Obviously in this case, when in search of the rare bird, the word of mouth and network are your best counsels. One of our customers mentioned SEO Samba and the great service he was getting from them. We called them, had a very warm and instructing meeting, then asked for a quote. I shared that quote with my company officers, and the services provided for that figure pressed us to move forward, and the deal was sealed. That easy."

"Ever since the beginning," intervenes Mr Allen Kirkpatrick, Earglue President, "Michel Leconte, SEO Samba CEO, and his helpful tech team, were hands on. Really. Michel really listened to us, the new In Store Marketing services we wanted to develop really made sense to him and the Samba boys truly managed our new project and helped delivering Earglue's online asset and lead generator."

Michel Leconte at SEO Samba continues the story, "in the end, Allen and John now own a genuine online working tool. We all have been working hand in hand on it and the outcome is great. The website now makes Earglue's message clear, they do deliver a service of quality when it comes to On-Hold productions and Overhead messaging. It was a pleasure working with Allen and John as we came to learn plenty about their on hold advertising trade and know-how. I totally ignored that 7 out of 10 business callers were placed on hold. That 70% of business callers will hang up within 30 seconds when confronted with silence, and that 35% of the business callers that hang up will not call back. Scary isn't it?"

Allen Kirrkpatrick, Earglue President, rebounds on those figures, "this is where Earglue comes in and tunes up the this loss of customers' airwave. Earglue makes the customers remain on the other side of the phone thanks to our on hold messaging and music as when exposed to on hold music and messages, a caller will stay on the line 260% longer than when confronted with silence."

"Do you know that 16% to 20% of callers who hear on-hold advertising make a buying decision or an additional purchase based on information heard while on hold?" says Mr John Waite, "Earglue makes it possible for companies and retail stores to get those great on hold advertising services and net those extra sales. We are proud of our expertise, and we love to help companies cover as much bases as possible especially in this economy. And it works."

Michel Leconte to conclude, "Allen, John and their team love their on hold messaging and marketing services company and great results for the US local and nationwide economy, and we wanted it to show on their website. We provided them with this great tool that will enable them to edit their content online thanks to the open source CMS SEOTOASTER. Also, our automated SEO software will help them gain visibility and broadcast their quality on hold messaging services on a broader scale. Stay on the line, Earglue will answer right away."


About Earglue

This Memphis TN based company offers astounding Telephone on hold advertising, in office music and retail store messaging for all types of companies nationwide. EarGlue enhances your marketing efforts by providing your customers with a customized on-hold and in-store experience with informative, entertaining, and attentive productions. EarGlue’s customized productions reaffirm your marketing message at the point of purchase, an invaluable tool in customer interaction and retention. EarGlue – the Right Choice, the Right Experience.

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