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Thousands of companies who have already incorporated on hold messages into their marketing plans know that they are secret weapons for customer retention management. By targeting incoming callers - customers most likely to be influenced by on hold phone marketing- EarGlue On Hold has become the most reliable and cost- effective marketing and on hold phone advertising communications vehicle available to you today.


For those companies who do not have on hold advertising, EarGlue On Hold is an opportunity to improve customer relations, increase revenue, and gain market share. EarGlue On Hold advertising offers an introductory package you won't encounter anywhere else. We invest our money up front - and you reap the rewards with the most effective on hold messaging technology anywhere.


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To be a truly effective marketing tool, your on hold messages must be flexible, dynamic, and easily updated. Your ability to change your on hold messages and react to your ever- changing market is critical - that's why EarGlue On Hold's entire approach to on hold messaging is engineered for maximum efficiency and turnaround speed, from creation to implementation.

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EarGlue enhances your marketing efforts by providing your customers with a customized on-hold and in-store experience with informative, entertaining, and attentive productions. EarGlue’s customized productions reaffirm your marketing message at the point of purchase, an invaluable tool in customer interaction and retention. EarGlue – the Right Choice, the Right Experience.