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EarGlue On-Hold advertising is a necessity for any business. A simple fact of business is that the majority of callers are put on hold at some point during their call. But it is during that holding time that businesses can capitalize on their captive audience. Instead of dead silence or bad music, you can take advantage of EarGlue On-Hold and provide your callers with useful information that reminds them of the benefits of doing business with your company. Instead of babysitting your callers with generic greetings and background music, you can offer them information that benefits them and enhances their purchasing decisions. Inform them of ongoing or upcoming promotions, special financing, details about a new product line, or offer seasonal or holiday tips and greetings.


With EarGlue On-Hold, you have the option of unlimited updates, meaning you can offer timely information about specific sale dates. And because EarGlue utilizes remote download technology, there is never a wait for any tapes or CD’s through the mail.


EarGlue’s production team will create your custom on-hold message and record your approved script with one of our professional voice talents, mixing your production with licensed music and finally downloading it to your phone system remotely from our studio via the telephone or Internet connection. To accommodate a VOIP system, we can also deliver a complete production via e-mailed mp3 or wav file.


Maximize the moment: use EarGlue On-Hold marketing to keep customers engaged, entertained, informed, and on the line!

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EarGlue enhances your marketing efforts by providing your customers with a customized on-hold and in-store experience with informative, entertaining, and attentive productions. EarGlue’s customized productions reaffirm your marketing message at the point of purchase, an invaluable tool in customer interaction and retention. EarGlue – the Right Choice, the Right Experience.